Agitproper attacks with a pincer movement:

1) We make stories that help people learn to show expansive love in a changing, dangerous world.
2) We show ways to manipulate, communicate, brainwash, misinform, propagandize, and effectively distort.

We operate as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization using 1hive's Gardens. Participating in our projects, such as The Steelman, grants you AGIT tokens that you may use to help govern our decisions.

If you've got a project in mind that will fit with what we're doing, let's team up. Join our Discord and tell us about the last time your entire value system and sense of meaning was shattered.


-Create stories that promote agency.

-Raise enough funds to host our intellectual and artistic assets in a way that is accessible to anyone on the internet, so that anyone may use our stuff- whether to collaborate with us or not.

-Curate a list of creators that fit with our mission.

-Raise enough funds for an ETH multisig.

-Establish a video series on Propaganda in Odysee.

-Offer a custom propaganda service.

-Establish an LLC that can interact with media distributors.

-Develop a course on propaganda that can be distributed as an interactive spaced-repetition mobile application.